Join us for our next show this Sunday, September 21!

After the July break, our August show returned with loads of great attendees and vendors! New and longtime sellers brought wonderful new things to see and purchase – and the buyers were part of the fun too! August was also the 45th anniversary of Woodstock and there was lots of great records – some very rare – from that era. It was a fabulous show and this Sunday will be too! We look forward to seeing you there, 9 am – 3 pm and admission is always free!

Check out some fun photos from the August show below!

IMG_5746 two gals colored hair

A vendor and a buyer share colorful do’s!

Mike McCully new dealer

Longtime Pennsylvania dealer, Mike McCully, made his Arbutus Record Show debut!

record vision booth

One of our newest and youngest vendors, Ed Bach of Record Vision (, poses with a great selection of albums – and homemade chocolate lollipops in the shape of an LP. A great gift idea!

stones hendrix albums

Dealer Karen Albright, who with her husband Zary specializes in funk and psychedelic music, displays rare LPs from The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix – both from 1967.

record label display

Dealer Jim Arrasmith introduced some amazing displays for his albums. He built and created them himself.


1 thought on “Join us for our next show this Sunday, September 21!

  1. Beware thieves-Karen Albright and Zary Smith, two of the dealers featured in this interview, took lps from me for consignment. They sold several thousand dollars of items, after over a year they finally paid a portion, and kept the remaining items. I am currently suing them in small claims court.
    Zary also asked me to ‘shill’ bid, that is bid up my own items, which I refused. It’s too bad we have unscrupulous individuals , like these two, in the record business!

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