Celebrate Father’s Day with us at the last show before the summer break – Sunday, June 21st!


The Arbutus Record Show is not just for older guys and collectors. At last month’s show we had a visit from a college student and her dad, a record collector. Since our next show is coming up on Sunday, June 21, on Father’s Day, this is a perfect story. Fathers share great gifts with us and often they pass on their love of music. Laarni, a biology student at UMBC, came with her father, Leo, who has shared music with her since she was a little girl – 50s music, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles – as well as jazz fusion. It is the rich sound of vinyl that they both appreciate.

At UMBC, Laani wants to connect with the Vinyl Club in the fall and she is already a member of the Culture Club. After attending our show last month, she will be taking flyers back to school to encourage other like-minded students to come to future Arbutus Record shows since it is so close to the campus. Since her background is Filipino, she is hoping to find other students who might have Filipino records to share as well as vinyl from other countries.

Like any other college student, Laarni listens to current music including alternative and indie and loves Paramore. She also listens to classical music as well. We hope to see Laarni and Leo back at the show as well as more UMBC students in the fall.

Bring your dad or find him a special gift of music this Sunday, 9 am -3 pm and remember it’s always free admission!

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