Get a jump on the holidays! Join us this Sunday for our November 15th show!

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It’s getting closer to the holiday season so there are only two more months to find those special gifts of music for friends, family – and perhaps even a little something for yourself! Join us this Sunday, November 15, 9 am-3 pm at the Arbutus Fire Hall. Our vendors are overflowing with special finds and remember, it’s always free! 

We also are excited to announce our schedule for 2016! So mark your calendars for next year!
arbutus 2016 flyer.jpgAt last month’s show, we had a special attendee! Frank Merrill joined us after being on a road trip for 30 days. Like our great announcer, Derek Shaw, he is also a huge roller coaster fan but there is something even more important about Frank. He not only has a record collection of over 400 thousand records but he is the largest collector of radio station surveys in the world. What a honor to have him visit the show!

Frank Merrill

Frank Merrill

Spring has definitely arrived! Come to our April 19 show this Sunday!

We mean it this time – spring is finally here! The O’s are back playing baseball – and trees and flowers are finally in bloom! So are our great deals and finds at this week’s Arbutus Record Show! Come on down and celebrate spring with us this Sunday 9 am – 3 pm with all our great vendors! They shared some wonderful finds last month and our favorite announcer and B Derek Shaw (Keystone Record Collectors) had his Irish on! (And don’t forget his PA show is on May 3rd!)

Janet Ruehl also found a great article about the show that was also featured on the cover of the Sun Magazine, May 28, 1995. You can find it on our Facebook page and while you are there, please LIKE us!

Here’s a link to a great blog by Chris Richardson called Zero to 180 – Three Minute Magic Discoveries of a Pop Music Archaeologist called ’90+ Years of Baltimore in Song’ complete with YouTube links!

bud shank

Here is a fun, colorful album cover for Bud Shank of West Coast Jazz fame. It is all about the bossa nova!

complete stax

Our own Frank Reuhl had some fantastic compilations!

80s pop queen Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics puts her own spin on standards and blues in her recent release "Nostalgia."

80s pop queen Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics puts her own spin on standards and blues in her recent release “Nostalgia.”

lee case sign

Some great memorabilia from a local radio legend, Lee Case!

molly hatchett art

Southern rockers, Molly Hatchett, had beautiful album and display art utilizing the talents of notable fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. This rare and large display is entitled ‘Dark Kingdom.’ It was the cover art for their second album, 1979’s ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster.’


Our announcer B Derk Shaw had his Irish on for last  month's show!

Our announcer B Derk Shaw had his Irish on for last month’s show!

the who magic bus

The fourth American album for British rockers, The Who, released in 1968.

ziggy stardust color vinyl

A classic, in colored vinyl! David Bowie’s ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars.’


Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Join us for our next show on March 15!

Thanks to all who joined us at our last show in February despite the cold, wintry weather. As we await the final (we hope!) snowfall of the season, a quick reminder of our upcoming show on March 15. The hours are 9 am to 3 pm and always FREE! Our vendors will be bringing stacks of great musical finds.

Looking forward to warmer weather, here’s a rare, behind-the-scenes look at The Beach Boys recording “Good Vibrations.”


Join Us for Our Fall Show this Sunday, October 19!

shoppers at arbutus record show

After the August hiatus, the September show was a great kick-off to the remainder of the 2014 season. There were brand new vendors and legendary record collectors/sellers from across the pond and Europe. More on that story coming up! You never know what surprises – and people you will find at the Arbutus Record Show. Before cheering on our home team, there is plenty of time to come to the show. Admission and parking is always FREE and the hours are 9 am to 3 pm. See you there and wear your Purple Pride!

New vendors Ann and her friend, Preston

New vendors Ann and her friend, Preston

First time vendors Ann and her friend Preston had attendees – and longtime veterans and fellow vendors – hopping around their table snatching up great deals on CDs and CD collections. They will be returning for our November 16th show!

arbutus john and Ted scotland

An amazing story unfolded at the show with the participation of a celebrity. A tall, lanky Scotsman with an easy laugh and full of great stories, John Anderson (left) is a  legend in the world of music and record collecting. Ted, an out-of-town vender from Georgia (pictured right) couldn’t say enough about him.

As a young man, John was one of the first people from the UK who started to make trips to the East Coast of the U.S. in the late 60s to find 45s that would fuel the “Northern Soul” movement – a term coined by British journalist Dave Godin. The movement was characterized by a music and style of dance that developed in industrialized northern England and came from the working class and “Mod” youth culture. It began with the upbeat Motown sound of the mid-60s, but then gravitated to the music of lesser-known, American black soul artists on smaller labels as music tastes changed. Northern Soul was at its peak throughout the 70s as venues would host all-night, soul dance parties that still played mid-60s soul. It is still popular today and the subject of a 2014 BBC documentary, “Northern Soul: Living for the Weekend.” (click on title to view on YouTube.)

Anderson travelled to towns big and small in the US and paid as little as a pound or 50 pence a piece for these rare records. British DJs and music lovers could not wait for John to bring back his latest finds. He sold the music to fans through his business, “Soul Bowl,” and become a premier expert and supplier of rare American soul music to the UK and beyond.

John is still making trips to the U.S. and this time he came with other European collector friends – Richard, Angus, and Thorsten who has a record shop in Germany and his buddy Marcel from Belgium, an avid collector. It was quite an international gathering at the show that day and we were so honored to have John and all these gentleman with us!

arbutus Marcel John janet frankPictured: Marcel, John, Janet & Frank Ruehl, organizers of the Arbutus Record Show.