A fall nip is in the air! Join us for our show this Sunday, October 18!

We had a fantastic show last month and there is more in store this Sunday, October 18 at the Arbutus Fire Hall! Our great vendors will be returning with lots of music and unique music items. Come on down from 9 am  – 3 pm and remember, it’s always FREE! Here are a few great discoveries from last month’s show:

Below: Draw the Line is the fifth studio album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released December 1, 1977. The portrait of the band was drawn by the celebrity caricaturist Al Hirschfeld best known for his black and white portraits of celebrities and Broadway stars.

Aerosmith's 'Draw the Line' Al Hirshfeld album cover

Aerosmith’s ‘Draw the Line’ Al Hirshfeld album cover

Below: Comic book style interpretations of Grateful Dead songs: Grateful Dead Comix No. 1 Comic (left) – January 1991 published by Kitchen Sink Press. Grateful Dead Comix No. 4 Comic (right) – December 1992.

greatful dead comix

Below: Love Me Do’ Limited Edition Apple Shaped Red Vinyl – Beatles 7″ 45

beatle apple colored vinyl

The Beatles, apple-shaped colored vinyl



Fall is finally here! Join us for our next show this Sunday, September 20!

Record Display

Record Display

Our first fall show is coming up this Sunday, September 20 and we look forward to seeing you there. It’s always FREE and we are open 9 am – 3pm! We had a great show in August after the summer July hiatus – lots of goodies and new items from our vendors and a great turnout by music lovers.

One cannot help but notice the artistry that is rarely found these days. First some fun. Remember the campy and fun TV series in the 60s – Batman and Robin? They made a record soundtrack and it is a rarity.

Batman and Robin Record

Batman and Robin Soundtrack Record

Below is a gorgeous poster for the band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, by the famous rock poster artist, Dail W. Beeghly, done in the 1960s.

creedence clearwater revival poster

Creedence Clearwater Revival Poster

We also found some great sheet music from more 60s bands including The Monkees, The Mamas and the Papas, The Rolling Stones, and The Royal Guardsmen.
60s sheet music

Our own Frank Ruehl had a another great treasure – four prints of The Beatles, illustrated by the distinguished artist, Nicholas Volpe. He painted portraits of many famous celebrities and world leaders. He won a Golden Grammy in 1958 for Best Album Design for Frank Sinatra’s record “Only the Lonely” and had a lifetime contract to do the portraits of the actors and actresses who won Oscars for Best Performance each year. Volpe also completed portrait commissions of President John F. Kennedy, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and President Ronald Reagan.
beatles john lennon
beatles paul mccartney

These drawings were originally done in pastel on black paper. There are also notable because the first sitting for these drawings was done shortly after the band had come to New York City in 1964 for their historic performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The final sitting took place in Las Vegas. Capitol Records created posters from the final illustrations.
beatles george harrison
beatles ringo starr

Are you ready?!! The Arbutus Record Show returns this Sunday, August 16!


Great 80s finds and these groups or lead singers of these groups are on tour!

Great 80s finds and art – so much artistry when vinyl was king. These groups or lead singers of these groups are on tour this year.

We hope you have been having a wonderful summer break! Arbutus Record Show is ready to go with all our wonderful vendors who are going to be bringing some fabulous new items! This music lover has been having an 80s rewind summer as it seems all the great bands from that era have come back to our shores and are touring all over the states – long with home grown talent. Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Duran Duran and Huey Lewis and the News, to name a few. And all have new albums in the works!

Tell us what concerts you have seen this summer! Don’t forget – admission is always FREE and we are open from 9 am – 3 pm! So come on down this Sunday and see what new music treasures can be found!!

Here’s a clip from one of the best concerts I have ever attended (and about where I was sitting) – Spandau Ballet at the sold out Pacific Ampitheatre in California on July 29, 2015. They were “GOLD!” Still rocking after 35 years (and really nice gents, too!)

Huey Lewis and the News came to Baltimore but here they are in Texas with “The Power of Love!” Huey always gives a great concert!

Culture Club with the always colorful and talented frontman Boy George just performed at Wolf Trap in Virginia on Monday! Another fabulous concert! Here they are in Atlantic City!
“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” 1982


A great June turnout before the summer break! Mark your calendars for August 16!

We want to thank all of our vendors and music fans who took some time to stop by on Father’s Day last month! It’s time for our July break and we hope you have plans for a trip to the ballpark, the beach or concert or two. Huey Lewis and the News, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club for this editor – it’s an 80s summer! We hope music is always part of your summer plans! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the return of the record show on August 16.

Here are some great photos and finds from our June show!

The Ruehl family

The Ruehl family

Tanya dressed to the nines in 50s retro fashion with Janet Ruehl

Tanya dressed to the nines in 50s retro fashion with Janet Ruehl

Beatles display

Great display highlighting Beatles treasures

Another fabulous display from one of our vendors

Another fabulous display from one of our vendors

Rolling Stones 45

Rolling Stones 45 “Get Off Of My Cloud”

Great 80s finds and these groups or lead singers of these groups are on tour!

Great 80s finds and art – so much artistry when vinyl was king. These groups or lead singers of these groups are on tour this year.

Celebrate Father’s Day with us at the last show before the summer break – Sunday, June 21st!


The Arbutus Record Show is not just for older guys and collectors. At last month’s show we had a visit from a college student and her dad, a record collector. Since our next show is coming up on Sunday, June 21, on Father’s Day, this is a perfect story. Fathers share great gifts with us and often they pass on their love of music. Laarni, a biology student at UMBC, came with her father, Leo, who has shared music with her since she was a little girl – 50s music, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles – as well as jazz fusion. It is the rich sound of vinyl that they both appreciate.

At UMBC, Laani wants to connect with the Vinyl Club in the fall and she is already a member of the Culture Club. After attending our show last month, she will be taking flyers back to school to encourage other like-minded students to come to future Arbutus Record shows since it is so close to the campus. Since her background is Filipino, she is hoping to find other students who might have Filipino records to share as well as vinyl from other countries.

Like any other college student, Laarni listens to current music including alternative and indie and loves Paramore. She also listens to classical music as well. We hope to see Laarni and Leo back at the show as well as more UMBC students in the fall.

Bring your dad or find him a special gift of music this Sunday, 9 am -3 pm and remember it’s always free admission!

Celebrate a bit of Memorial Day weekend with us this Sunday, May 24!

American Flag Vinyl Record Album art by Jeff Bartels

American Flag Vinyl Record Album art by Jeff Bartels

Join us this Sunday for our special Memorial Day Weekend show! Spend a little time with us in between celebrating with family and friends and honoring our brave men and women in the arm forces for their service to this country. The show hours are 9 am – 3pm and always FREE admission. All our great vendors will be returning with great finds of all kinds. Don’t forget to check out our DIRECTIONS section for some updated information about getting to the venue due to highway construction.

At last month’s show, we found some great treasures with a distinctively British flavor. That fit in well with a special week for this editor – more to come about that! But first some of our great Brit finds!

First edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

First edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Not for sale (sadly) but a precious collectible of one of our vendors. This is the very first edition of what would become the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine, the bible for everything music. It was November 9, 1967. The photo on the cover was Beatles’ John Lennon, from the World War II comedy, How I Won the War,  in which he starred that year.

clear vinyl record IMG_1280

This is a very rare find from another Beatle, Paul McCartney, although the artist credited is The Fireman. Producer Youth, a member of Killing Joke, remixed McCartney’s material that eventually produced the album, Off the Ground, and from Wings’ 1979 Back to the Egg. Neither are credited on the album but EMI confirmed their participation. Released in 1993, this clear vinyl double LP is entitled Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and was a techno, experimental  effort. Sounds interesting!

elvis costello IMG_1282 a

Among some DVDs of the Yardbirds and Pink Floyd, we found wonderful collection of Elvis Costello’s first three albums and rare to find in vinyl. He issued his first three albums in 16 months and here they are  – My Aim Is TrueThis Year’s Model, and Armed Forcesbrought together in one boxed set called 2 1/2 Years.

Spring has definitely arrived! Come to our April 19 show this Sunday!

We mean it this time – spring is finally here! The O’s are back playing baseball – and trees and flowers are finally in bloom! So are our great deals and finds at this week’s Arbutus Record Show! Come on down and celebrate spring with us this Sunday 9 am – 3 pm with all our great vendors! They shared some wonderful finds last month and our favorite announcer and B Derek Shaw (Keystone Record Collectors) had his Irish on! (And don’t forget his PA show is on May 3rd!)

Janet Ruehl also found a great article about the show that was also featured on the cover of the Sun Magazine, May 28, 1995. You can find it on our Facebook page and while you are there, please LIKE us!

Here’s a link to a great blog by Chris Richardson called Zero to 180 – Three Minute Magic Discoveries of a Pop Music Archaeologist called ’90+ Years of Baltimore in Song’ complete with YouTube links!

bud shank

Here is a fun, colorful album cover for Bud Shank of West Coast Jazz fame. It is all about the bossa nova!

complete stax

Our own Frank Reuhl had some fantastic compilations!

80s pop queen Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics puts her own spin on standards and blues in her recent release "Nostalgia."

80s pop queen Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics puts her own spin on standards and blues in her recent release “Nostalgia.”

lee case sign

Some great memorabilia from a local radio legend, Lee Case!

molly hatchett art

Southern rockers, Molly Hatchett, had beautiful album and display art utilizing the talents of notable fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. This rare and large display is entitled ‘Dark Kingdom.’ It was the cover art for their second album, 1979’s ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster.’


Our announcer B Derk Shaw had his Irish on for last  month's show!

Our announcer B Derk Shaw had his Irish on for last month’s show!

the who magic bus

The fourth American album for British rockers, The Who, released in 1968.

ziggy stardust color vinyl

A classic, in colored vinyl! David Bowie’s ‘The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars.’


Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Join us for our next show on March 15!

Thanks to all who joined us at our last show in February despite the cold, wintry weather. As we await the final (we hope!) snowfall of the season, a quick reminder of our upcoming show on March 15. The hours are 9 am to 3 pm and always FREE! Our vendors will be bringing stacks of great musical finds.

Looking forward to warmer weather, here’s a rare, behind-the-scenes look at The Beach Boys recording “Good Vibrations.”


Love is all around! Join us Valentine’s Weekend, February 15 for our next show!

GODZ Larry Kessler

Larry Kessler of the underground psychedelic band GODZ

Join us for another great show during Valentine’s weekend for more musical deals on February 15. It’s never to late to find a gift for that special someone!

The first show of 2015 was a great success with many diverse vendors and collectors enjoying the day. Larry Kessler of the underground psychedelic rock band GODZ joined us for the first time (interview coming soon)Laura Kooyman of reinKarnations brought her clever, re-imagined vinyl and record creations back to the show and Jay Monroe of R&B Tees came with his wonderful T-shirt selection. He will be back for our February show! We also spotted some collectibles with great graphics. Did you know that Bing Crosby was the rock star of his day? And for a few hundred dollars, you can own a rare original Beatles’ Yellow Submarine lunchbox? See you February 15!

Laura Kooyman of reinKarnations with Janet.

Laura Kooyman of reinKarnations with Janet.

Jay Monroe of R&B Tees

Jay Monroe of R&B Tees

Rare Beatles's 'Yellow Submarine' Lunch Box

Rare Beatles’s ‘Yellow Submarine’ Lunch Box

A Bing Crosby collection album cover

A Bing Crosby collection album cover

Join us this Sunday, January 18, for our first show of 2015!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! Time for our first show of 2015 – this Sunday! We look forward to seeing all of our favorite vendors – and you – after the long holiday break. It is perfect time to beat the cold hunting for some great new music finds. Remember, the show is from 9 am – 3 pm and is always FREE!

It’s Valentine’s Day right before next month’s show, so this Sunday is a good time to find that romantic, memorable song that you shared with that special someone. There might even be a special love story amongst our vendors.

Here is one of this editor’s picks and comes with an update about the group. One of the most highly successful 80s New Wave bands from Britain, Spandau Ballet, had a hit in 1983 that put them on the pop music map forever and made them superstars. This song reached Number One in 21 countries and is the soundtrack for many a romance and wedding (and, we suspect, a baby or two). After a 19-year breakup, the boys reunited in 2009 for a widely successful tour but didn’t make it to the States. That is all about to change much to the joy of their fans. The group will be touring in the U.S. for the first time in over 30 years, including an appearance at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. on April 28.

Spandau Ballet also produced a fabulous rock doc (and is also the name of the tour), Soul Boys of the Western World. Even if you aren’t fan of these New Romantics, their story will surprise you. It’s a great slice of a social and pop music history but more importantly, it is a tale of friendship found, lost and found again. Here is a “True” love song!